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MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:30am - 4:30pm
MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:30am - 4:30pm
67 Main Street, Ballymoney

67 Main Street, Ballymoney

In Spring of this year we began our search for new premises that would bring to life our vision for modern multi-touch retail and deepen our relationship with our local community in Ballymoney & the wider Causeway Coast & Glens.

It quickly became apparent that our beautiful new home at 67 Main Street was the perfect canvas for our teams to design & build a concept showroom with a curated mix of best-in-class kitchen & home technology. 

The building was designed by Murray Bell & Sara Cunningham-Bell who own the site and continue to operate their family business, Bell Architects, from the upper floors.

Murray & Sara share our passion for brave design, sustainability & the need for businesses to support, as well as serve, their local townspeople. 

The building features striking design elements namely the zinc cladding which is interrupted only by large glass windows that bathes our ground floor showroom in natural sunlight. 

The front facade is completed by a dramatic stainless steel mounted sculpture designed & fabricated by Sara; Fields of Ballymoney.

Commissioned by Bell Architects, the sculpture celebrates the generational hard work of agricultural local families working the soil to bring in food from our land. This is a narrative sculpture highlighting the radial movement of the sun from its rise to setting,  whilst the fields surrounding the farming town of Ballymoney are proudly ploughed, sown, and harvested. 

We thank Murray & Sara for welcoming us to Main Street and we look forward to drawing from the creative energy flowing throughout the building

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