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Zyliss Non-Stick Frying Pan - 20cm

by Zyliss
SKU E980063

The Zyliss Cook frying pan is a fantastic multi-use pan, allowing you to create larger dishes like stir-fry, pan-fried salmon, and even French bread.

  • Zyliss Cook pans feature a Swiss engineered three-layer non-stick coating and an aluminium base so food doesn't stick, resulting in healthier meals by eliminating the need for butter or oil
  • This frying pan is designed with a durable handle and robust aluminium to ensure that your food is cooked fast and evenly; suitable for high heat cooking of stir-fry and other delicious meals
  • Create with confidence with the Zyliss Cook, which can be used for a variety of delicious meals on the stovetop or in the oven below 180 degrees, is suitable for all hobs including induction hobs
  • Cook delicious omelettes, delectable sauces, sizzling meats or many other crowd-pleasing meals; cleanup is simple as this pan can be cleaned in the dishwasher

The Zyliss Cook pans feature advanced three-layer coating to deliver a superior performance. The coat is made up of:

  1. Holding Primer
  2. Ceramic Reinforced Coating
  3. Sealing Layer

This multi-layer coating delivers superior non-stick performance and healthier cooking, eliminating the need for oil or butter.

Zyliss frying pans are suitable for all hubs, including induction, thanks to being free of PF0A chemicals.

They also feature advanced ROCK-PEARL non-stick technology by Ilag, which is dishwasher safe and guaranteed for 10 years.

Fast and Even Heating

Cooks your food fast and evenly no matter how it lays in the pan.

Sturdy Riveted Handle

Soft-touch ergonomic handle that is comfortable while being durable and heat resistant.

Metal Tool Safe

You never have to worry what tool you're using with Zyliss Cook, as the pans are metal safe and suitable for induction hobs.

Cleaning Made Easy

Feel free to let your dishwasher do the clean up while your pans withstand wash after wash.


With over 60 years of experience in designing high-end food preparation tools, utensils and gadgets, it is easy to see how Zyliss has become an internationally respected brand, favoured by everyday cooks as well as gourmet chefs.

Zyliss boasts a distinctive portfolio of thoughtfully designed, carefully constructed kitchen tools, with numerous products achieving the coveted Red Dot Award status.

Zyliss products have a 5 year guarantee, ensuring a long-lasting quality experience and customer satisfaction.