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Yamaha TSX-B235 Black Desktop Audio System

by Yamaha

Product Description

Incorporating a natural wood top panel, the Yamaha TSX-B235 has a soft rounded build that emanates calm and warmth. You can enjoy music from CD, USB drive or smartphone via Bluetooth—any way you want, any time you want. Audio and interior in perfect harmony: a serenely relaxing experience.

The unit is equipped with two USB ports—one for music playback, one for dedicated charging. Both ports can be used for charging devices even when the unit is in standby. It’s design that is both beautiful and functional. USB connections can't be used with apps or to control the main unit.


Bluetooth compatibility gives you wireless playback of music stored on your smartphone or tablet. What’s more, the TSX-B235 supports aptX and AAC for uncompromised full-bandwidth audio over Bluetooth. Last but not least, NFC compatibility allows instant, automatic device pairing for ultimate simplicity.

Bring Music Closer

Operating the unit is simplicity itself. With Yamaha’s free DTA CONTROLLER app, your smartphone or tablet becomes a sophisticated remote control, giving you complete control over power, volume, tone and a whole range of other functions with intuitive on-screen ease.


Pair your Bluetooth connection quickly and easily with a single tap using NFC compatible devices. This unit is equipped with a USB port that allows you to enjoy WAV (PCM format only), MP3 and WMA audio files from a USB memory device (USB flash drive).


Ease into your day with a new approach to waking up. Yamaha's IntelliAlarm wakes you gently with the audio source of your choosing, first filtering out uncomfortable high frequencies, then gradually restoring the full audio spectrum before beeping to ensure you are awake.