Waterpik Complete Care WP-861

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Waterpik Complete Care WP-861 is a complete care that combines in a single device the technologies of a water flosser and a sonic toothbrush for a perfect daily oral hygiene routine.

The water flosser, more effective than traditional dental floss, is used to treat gingivitis and improve the health of the gums. It removes up to 99,9% of plaque from a three-second application. It eliminates deep bacteria between the teeth and under the gingival sulcus, in areas inaccessible with a traditional brush and dental floss. The water flosser masses and stimulates to improve circulation. It is ideal for people with implants, crowns, bridges and facets.

The Sonic electric toothbrush, designed with an integrated tongue scraper, offers 3 sonic modes:
- the cleansing mode offers an exceptional brushing performance on a daily basis,
- the whiteness mode allows to remove the stains on the surface and to naturally whiten the teeth,
- the massage mode for improved stimulation of the gums and circulation.

Water flosser characteristics:
- 5 dental floss tips included
- on/off control of the water on the handle
- can be used with a mouthwash
- pressure control system with 10 settings
- tank capacity of more than 90 seconds

Triple sonic toothbrush characteristics:
- 2 toothbrush heads included
- 2 minute timer with signals every 30 seconds
- 3 sonic modes
- premium travel case for toothbrush
- luxury refill indicator

The complete care is guaranteed two years, requires only one plug and its power supply is 230 V.