Tefal BL542840 Soup and Smoothie Maker, Stainless Steel, Black

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The user-friendly control panel makes it incredibly quick and easy to prepare delicious soup from scratch.

  • Easy to use: add your ingredients to the jug, select one of three recipe programs on the simple control panel then click 'start'.
  • Customizable: whether you like your soups silky smooth or on the chunky side, my daily soup has a program to suit. Just choose 'smooth soup' or 'chunky soup' to blend to your desired consistency.
  • Effortless blending: four stainless-steel blades blend your ingredients efficiently, while a clear digital display shows the remaining time and program in operation.
  • Durable design: the 1.2L jug makes enough for up to four servings or batch cooking. Plus, it's made from robust, Brushed stainless steel, so you know it's built to last.
  • Convenient cleaning: you don't even need to Wash up when you've finished. Just fill the jug with water, select 'easy cleaning' and my daily soup will clean itself.

Equipped with 4 automatic programs and a user-friendly control panel, the BL542840 My Daily Soup Maker from Tefal lets you make delicious soups and smoothies from scratch, in just a few simple steps.

Whether you like your soup smooth or chunky, there’s a program to suit you. Simply add your chopped ingredients to the jug, select the program and press Start.

The My Daily Soup cooks as it mixes, preparing your perfect soup in less than 25 minutes. It even comes with a smoothie program that works without heat, for a nutritious, homemade breakfast or snack.

4 stainless-steel blades deliver thorough and consistent mixing, while the digital display visibly counts down the remaining time, before beeping when finished. Other handy features include a 1.2L brushed stainless-steel jug and a self-cleaning program.

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