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Taylor Pro Digital Food Thermometer, Bright LED Display

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Taylor Pro Digital Food Thermometer Probe with Bright LED Display, Ideal for Meat, Fish & Jam Making

  • Pro-standard delivery: Taylor proud to have their products endorsed and tested by the acclaimed two star Michelin chef, Michel Roux Jr
  • Safely cook: get accurate core temperature readings to ensure your food is safe for serving with this digital food thermometer probe
  • Bright red led screen: note temperatures from the slightest glances. It shows accurate temperatures between -40℃/-40℉ and 232℃/450℉
  • Ultra-thin Probe: its tapered tip leaves small puncture marks in meat, fish, poultry and more - for more appealing food presentation
  • Useful info: also features a temperature hold function; includes a protective storage cover and 2 CR2032 batteries; 5 years guarantee

Bright Display for Easy Temperature Readings


Make sure your food is properly cooked, right the way through, and just how you like it. The Taylor Pro digital probe thermometer is great for checking meat, fish and poultry. Its bright red LED display means you'll have no trouble reading these temperatures - even from a quick glance, or in low light.

It delivers accurate readings from -40℃ to 232℃ / -40℉ to 450℉. You can rely on it for jam and sweet making too - it's a useful tool to have in your kitchen.

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Ultra-thin tapered probe

The stainless steel probe on this food thermometer is specially designed to leave smaller marks. This prevents flavour and moisture escaping, and also ensures your food looks appealing at serving time.

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Protective cover

It comes with a plastic sheath, which is designed to keep the probe protected when stored away.

thermometer; food; probe; meat; poultry; cooking; digital; LED; bright; easy read;

Temperature freeze

As well as having an ultra-bright display, this thermometer also has a temperature hold function. Push the button and it'll hold your reading on the screen for as long as you need it.

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