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Sony PSHX500 Turntable / Vinyl Record Player - Black

by Sony
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Sony PSHX500 Turntable for Playing Vinyl and Recording in High-Resolution Audio Quality

  • Internal A/D convertor and USB output to easily convert vinyl to DSD
  • Supports both phono and line output thanks to built-in Phono EQ
  • Two operating speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 rpm
  • Highly stable belt drive system to achieve natural sound reproduction
  • Tonearm ensures an accurate tracking of phonograph records

Breathe life into analogue masterpieces with DSD. Just hook-up the PS-HX500 turntable to your PC via USB, play a record and capture every aspect of the vinyl with DSD 5.6 MHz native conversion.

Vinyl lives forever in high-resolution audio

The PS-HX500 is equipped with a high-quality A/D convertor. So just connect it to your PC with a USB cable and record your vinyl as High-Resolution Audio tracks (up to DSD 5.6 MHz or PCM 192 kHz/24 bit quality).

This is a right way to backup your precious vinyl collection or even take tracks outdoors with you on your Walkman. Enjoy the smooth, natural, warm sound of analogue masterpieces with all the quality they deserve, anywhere you are.

Co-developed for high-resolution audio by Sony and Philips

Co-developed for High-Resolution Audio by Sony and Philips, the companies behind the original CD format, DSD (Direct Stream Digital) offers a way of capturing and playing back audio.

Unlike the conventional PCM format, a 1-bit DSD audio stream more closely represents the nature of an analogue audio waveform.

The result is all the advantages of digital audio, including a frequency response in excess of 100 kHz and ample dynamic range, but with the natural sound of an analogue recording.

The far less complex capture and decoding process results in audio with an immense sense of space and representation of an artist’s original vision.

Integrated shell type tonearm

The tonearm’s integrated shell design improves durability and stabilises the cartridge to deliver focusing and dimensionality of sound.

The shell’s lightweight structure helps to optimise low resonance frequency and improve traceability of low frequencies, while its rounded shape helps deliver pure sound untainted by sound characterisation.

The straight tone arm precisely balances the stylus, with no arm torque to affect stereo balance and its slackless lateral bearing structure minimises wow and flutter distortion.

Get your records ready to go

Rip the tracks on your vinyl records to a PC as DSD data and then transfer them to your Walkman or to a USB memory device that can be played on a car audio system.

You’ll be able to carry your favourite masterpieces with you for anytime anywhere enjoyment.

Insulated structure

The design has a thickness of 5 mm, which is high level in its class. High adherence to the record’s surface to minimise unnecessary resonance.

In addition to insulation to prevent unwanted resonance, differently shaped rubber dampers eliminate vibration from racks and other peripheral objects.


Highly stable belt drive system

The optimised shape of the drive pulley stabilises the belt drive for natural sound reproduction. In addition, the high-inertia aluminium die cast platter offers balance between strength and mass.

Integrate it into your high-quality audio system

Connecting the PS-HX500 with a high-quality audio component system enables you to enjoy all your vinyl with all the raw realism they can offer.

Precision-shaped dust cover

The dust cover shape has been designed for minimal vibration. High audio quality even when played with the cover on.

Glass epoxy circuit board improves structural stability

The use of glass epoxy resin material for the circuit board helps to provide better sound quality and stability, especially compared to other competitive models.

High-Resolution Audio

From source to speaker, Sony has united an array of technologies for the ultimate audio experience.

For High-Resolution Audio files, the digital amp and specialised tweeters reproduce every subtlety, so you can hear each note as the artist intended.


Box Contains

  • Turntable;
  • Adapter for 45r/min;
  • 2m USB Cable;
  • Phone Cables ( 1.5m, Red/White with Earth Lug Terminal )
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