Salter 1049 HBBKDR Electronic Heston Blumenthal Dual Precision Kitchen Scales

by Salter

Great for domestic or industrial use, Heston’s Dual Precision Scales are innovative, stylish and above all, accurate.

Designed with two brushed stainless steel platforms for measuring high capacity (up to 10kg/1g increments) and ultimate precision (up to 200g/0.1g increments) for those precious ingredients.

The unit is easy to use and designed with a large back lit display so you can access information in a quick and logical manner. Whether you are measuring using a bowl, pan, dish, plate or bag, you can clearly read the display and quickly get cooking. Weigh multiple ingredients directly onto the platform or in a container using the ‘Add & Weigh’ function and change the units (g, oz, ml, fl.oz) to suit your recipe. Designed with an ‘Aquatronic’ feature for measuring liquids, we’ve covered all the bases. Beautifully designed and incredibly reliable, the Dual Platform Precision Scales make it easy to cook quickly and efficiently, whether you are a professional, or just getting started.


Key Features

  • Features a large high capacity (10kg) platform which accurately measures in 1g increments
  • Make use of the ultimate precision (200g) platform and distinguish weight at 0.1g increments for those precious ingredients
  • Use the “Add & Weigh” function to measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl/pan
  • Utilise the Aquatronic function to measure liquids (ml or fl oz)
  • Choose between imperial and metric measurements to suit your recipe
  • Designed with stainless steel platforms for easy and hygienic cleaning
  • Use the storage case to keep the platform safe and handy
  • Guaranteed for up to 15 years.


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