Sage The Smart Grill Pro BGR840BSS


Introducing the Smart Grill Pro from Sage, designed with a 2400W High Sear, Element IQ™ and an integrated probe for optimum grilling results.

Ultimate grilling power
Impressively, the Smart Grill Pro has 5 meat settings with programmed temperatures from rare to well done. The integrated probe cleverly senses the precise temperature of your meat and indicates when it is time to take off to rest.

Rest meat indicator
Resting meat allows the muscle fibres to relax and for the juices and flavour to spread evenly, without being lost on the first cut. During this phase, residual heat continues to cook the meat so it is important to take it off before its cooked exactly how you like it. To help you get your meat perfectly cooked, the Smart Grill Pro has a clever rest meat indicator that alerts you to remove your meat before it reaches the final stage and prevent overcooking.

Extra fast searing
With previous models, inferior heat resulted in chewy meat, but the Smart Grill Pro now has heating elements embedded in the plates, instead of underneath them. An electronic thermostat is able to sense small movements in temperature, and cooks seared and tender steaks twice as fast as a BBQ.

Great design
If you do fancy some BBQ style meat, the Smart Grill Pro folds out flat to double the cooking surface. This model also boasts an easy to clean PFOA free titanium infused non-stick surface and an LCD screen. Not only does it have adjustable plate height control, temperatures are adjustable too, with an option for everything from pancakes, toasted sandwiches to steaks.

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