Sage Bambino Plus Espresso Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel


Walk into any coffee shop and you’ll no doubt see an all-singing, all-dancing coffee machine behind the counter. Yes, it makes amazing coffee, but you’d definitely struggle to fit it into your own kitchen. Allowing you to recreate your favourite coffees at home – without taking up every inch of counter space – Sage’s sleek, simple-to-use and much more compact Bambino Plus Coffee Machine delivers a barista-quality coffee that you don’t have to leave the house for.

Space-saving design

At just 20cm wide, the Bambino is one of the most worktop-friendly machines we’ve seen, rivalling the performance of much larger, premium coffee machines, but on a really space-efficient footprint.

A delicious drink from ground coffee

Key to making a brew equal to that of any barista is consistency, and the 54mm portafilter delivers a café-quality coffee every time. For an optimum espresso, use 19g of ground coffee for each drink.

Automated steam wand

With its own texturing jug for milk frothing under the steam arm, The Bambino Plus will froth your milk to one of three micro-foam texture levels – enhancing flavour and essential for latte art – and three temperature settings, so every coffee you create, from flat white to creamy cappuccino, can be made exactly how you like it.

Innovative heating system

The Innovative Thermojet heating system achieves optimum extraction temperature in just three seconds, so the Bambino Plus is ready to make your favourite brew without the wait – good news when you need a quick coffee before you head to work in the morning, and infinitely faster than any coffee-shop queue.

Digital temperature control

Not only is the water heated in mere moments, but digital temperature control ensures it’s delivered to your cup at the precise temperature for espresso enjoyment too.

15 bar pressure

Low pressure pre-infusion is followed by a gradual increase in pressure, ensuring all flavours are extracted evenly for a brew with a balanced taste.

Other features include:

  • Smart brushed stainless steel finish
  • 15 bar pressure
  • Single and double cup filters
  • Dishwasher safe 480ml milk texturing jug
  • Includes cleaning kit
  • Razor tool trims the portafilter for precision dosing
  • 1.9 litre water tank
  • Drip tray alert tells you when it needs emptying
  • Energy-saving auto shut-off after 20 minutes

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