Q Acoustics M3 Home Cinema Soundbar with Integrated Subwoofer

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 With streamlined looks, Q Acoustic's award-winning M3 is a compact and elegant sound bar that brings superb Hi-Fi quality sound to the living room without the need for multiple speakers. It connects seamlessly with your TV set-up, revolutionising the sound of your home entertainment, while built-in Bluetooth & NFC allows you to stream music wirelessly from your mobile device with the same superb quality. With adjustable EQ including a special MoviEQ feature to make films even more thrillingly lifelike, the M3 delivers your movies and music the way they were meant to be heard.

Wide Sound Dispersion
BMR drive units power the speakers at the heart of the M3 system. BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) technology creates a fuller range sound than conventional speakers and achieves much wider audio dispersion. So no matter what you're watching or listening to, you hear every detail, wherever you are in the room. An integrated sub-woofer packs mighty low-frequency punch, without the need for a separate unit. The bass adds warmth and depth to the M3's soundscape, every detail and subtle layer of the music is revealed across the full frequency range, and speech is perfectly clear. It all combines to deliver 80W of big, room-filling sound from a deceptively compact unit.

Lossless Quality Bluetooth & NFC
The M3 breathes new life into your films, TV programmes and gaming experiences. And it does the same for your music too. Bluetooth and NFC connectivity allows you to play your favourites wirelessly from your phone or tablet, be it from your own collection or popular streaming services. Just pair up via Bluetooth or connect NFC devices with one touch. With aptX technology, Bluetooth transmission is lossless for superior quality listening.

Place Anywhere
This sound bar sounds equally good wherever you place it. Adjust the switchable EQ to best suit whether you've sited it on a shelf, in a cabinet, or mounted on a wall. And with the MoviEQ feature, EQ is specially tuned to enhance films, adding even more exhilarating bass, taking you deeper into the action.

Simple Integration
It's been designed with seamless integration in mind. Connect to the TV via HDMI (ARC) and the M3 becomes at one with the TV as soon as you turn it on, for the simplest operation. It's supplied with a remote control, but it can also be controlled with a wide range of leading TV remotes to cut down on the need for the extra one. With uniquely streamlined design, the Q Acoustics M3 slips effortlessly into your home entertainment set up.


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