Pro-ject Essential 3 A turntable with Acrylic platter

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The perfect turntable for audiophiles on a budget
Putting engineering quality above frills, the Project Essential III is perfect for those that enjoy their music above all else. With a specification that includes an acrylic platter, isolation feet, a low vibration motor with DC power supply and a quality Ortofon cartridge, the Essential III A offers much more than just the basics and gives a class-leading sound.

Sound enhancing acrylic platter on this 'A' version
Swapping the pressed steel platter of the previous Essential models for an acrylic one makes a big difference. These are usually only standard on turntables costing much more as they cost far more to produce than pressed steel ones. Acrylic offers an inert surface contact, reducing the unwanted effects of resonance. This means you'll not only hear more detail but more a more natural tone, too.

Engineered for sound
Unlike many other turntables around this price, the Pro-Ject Essential 3A has all the elements of a proper hi-fi turntable - just at a lower price. The low vibration DC motor gives stable speed for accurate pitch and timing. The main bearing is made from stainless steel and runs within a bronze bushing with a Teflon coating. This type of build integrity is usually reserved for much more expensive designs and gives the Essential 3A a remarkable precision of sound for its price.

Single piece aluminium tonearm
Continuing its hi-fi credentials, the Pro-Ject Essential III A is supplied with a good quality tonearm. Made from a single piece of aluminium, it's both light and rigid. The more rigid the more precisely it tracks, making listening to your records a more involving experience. For long-lasting quality, the tone-arm is fitted with sapphire bearings.

Cartridge upgraded to Ortofon OM10
Another great new upgrade with the version 3 of the Essential is an Ortofon OM10 cartridge. Replacing the previous OM5 model, the higher spec cartridge uses a finer stylus to get deeper into the groove, giving you a broader sound and more detail.

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