Polk Audio Solo Sound bar

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Delivering an immersive home cinema experience, the Polk Signa Solo Sound Bar will by far surpass the sound quality of your TV’s built-in speakers. And, with an easy-to-follow installation and setup procedure, this sound bar will take mere minutes to get up and running. Not only that, but thanks to the impressive array of extra features, including SDA surround technology and Polk VoiceAdjust, this sound bar will make sure your movie and TV viewing experience is matched with only the most pristine and crystal clear sound that can possibly be achieved. Built-in Bluetooth will up the game when it comes to your listening needs, offering a simple connection that will allow you to enjoy your music from any Bluetooth compatible device at the push of a button.

Polk SDA Surround Technology and Polk VoiceAdjust

The Polk Signa Solo Sound Bar implements the patented Polk SDA surround technology. This technology will create an expansive multi-dimensional soundstage with detailed stereo imaging. The SDA surround sound technology will heighten and widen the sound stage, thus providing you with an immersive and room-filling sound that will not sacrifice the clarity of your movie or TV show’s soundtrack. The Polk SDA surround sound technology is also compatible with Dolby Digital surround decoding, offering an even more immersive sound reproduction that will ensure your viewing experience is more lifelike.

Additionally, this sound bar comes with Polk’s intuitive VoiceAdjust technology, a feature that will automatically customise the voice levels in order to reproduce clear and crisp dialogue. Activating VoiceAdjust is as simple as pressing a button – simply press the VoiceAdjust button on your remote control, sit back and enjoy all of your movies and TV shows without ever missing a single word.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The inclusion of Bluetooth technology within this Signa Solo sound bar will allow you to easily connect any Bluetooth compatible device to the unit. This means you can start streaming your favourite music with ease straight from the palm of your hand using either a smartphone or tablet. Access is then opened up to your personal music library, whether it is located locally on your smart device, or through any compatible online music streaming services. This kind of flexibility in connectivity, paired with the outstanding sound quality of the Signa Solo will work hand-in-hand to deliver a listening experience that will blow you away.


The four-driver array and the built-in bass ports that are present within the Polk Signa Solo sound bar work together in order to deliver a deep and punchy bass without the need for any external subwoofer, offering an impressive 10 times more bass reproduction than would be present in your typical TV speakers.

One button preset equalisation (EQ) settings will optimise the sound quality to match what you are watching. Whether it is your favourite action movie, a mellow drama, an intense TV show or even your favourite sporting events, this sound bar will make sure you receive only the clearest dialogue, a wide soundstage and booming bass in order to provide a more immersive experience.

Night Mode is included with the Signa Solo – a feature that will allow you to lower the bass and increase the Polk VoiceAdjust level in order to deliver clear and pristine dialogue without raising the master volume, thus allowing you to enjoy the same sound quality without waking the family or disturbing the neighbours.

Compatibility is not a problem with the Polk Signa Solo. Thanks to the optical cable that comes provided, this sound bar will work with all major TV manufacturers. Polk SmartBar technology has also been included in order to ensure that the sound bar will work with your TV’s remote control.

  • Night Mode reduces bass and increases VoiceAdjust so that you don’t disturb the neighbours
  • Four-driver array and built-in bass ports for punchier bass reproduction
  • One button preset EQ to match your viewing requirements
  • Dolby Digital Surround decoding compatible
  • Polk VoiceAdjust for crystal clear dialogue
  • Polk SDA Surround Sound Technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity 

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