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Onkyo TX-SR494 7.2 Home Cinema Amplifier / AV Receiver - Black

by Onkyo
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Raise the roof with the Onkyo TX-SR494 7.2 channel home cinema amplifier.

  • 160 watts per channel
  • Supports 4K/60p and HDR (DR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, BT.2020)
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS: X playback, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer and DTS Virtual: X
  • Connections: 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output with ARC, 2 digital audio inputs (1x optical and 1x coaxial), 3 analogue audio inputs, Zone B output, 2 subwoofer outputs, speaker ports, headphone output, microphone input, USB input
  • Box contents: FM antenna, AM antenna, quick start guide, setup microphone for AccuEQ, remote control, 2x AAA (R03) batteries

From easy Bluetooth wireless streaming to the heart-pounding thrills of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks, the TX-SR494 deepens enjoyment of daily life with great sound and smart features.

Seven channels of high-current power give you freedom to choose a speaker layout that suits.

Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizer or DTS Virtual:X place sound overhead or behind if you don’t want height or surround speakers and both Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X are on board.

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X sound is here

The TX-SR494 supercharges your Dolby Atmos and DTS:X experience.

Object-based audio is mixed in 3D space and lets any sound play through any speaker, tracking the action, localising effects, and moving around you.

Dolby Surround and DTS Neural:X complement native 3D audio playback.

These technologies find localization cues in legacy stereo or multichannel soundtracks and upmix these elements to create immersive top-to-bottom dimensionality.

Dolby Atmos Height Virtualiser

When playing any Dolby format, engaging Dolby Atmos Height Virtualiser enables a more immersive listening experience, creating a virtual surround and height effect from traditional speaker layouts without employing additional surround or height speakers.

Spatial sound elevated with DTS Virtual:X

DTS Virtual:X is a new surround-sound virtualization technology that creates an immersive 3D soundfield from any speaker lyout, such as 2.1, 3.1 and 5.1 configurations without height, surround, or rear surround speakers deployed.

It uses sophisticated DSP-based algorithms to place the audience at the centre of a multidimensional soundfield with height and surround spatiality, and is equally effective in large or small spaces.

DTS Virtual:X works in the 3D domain with DTS:X soundtracks, DTS formats, and non-encoded stereo.

Ready for 4K HDR entertainment

Enjoy comprehensive support for 4K/60p and HDR (High Dynamic Range) video formats including HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, and BT.2020.

The 4:4:4 colour-space is also supported. All four HDMI inputs and ARC-ready output pass video from player to compatible TV, unlocking everything the latest films and games have to offer.

You can easily confirm A/V input-output status via a new OSD window.

AccuEQ Room Acoustic Calibration with AccuReflex

AccuEQ creates a harmonious soundfield in your room.

It detects speaker presence, size, and distance from a measurement position, and sets sound-pressure levels.

It then selects the ideal subwoofer crossover and applies equalisation to all speakers.

AccuReflex optimises object-based audio reproduction through Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers.

It resolves phase-shift arising from path differences between directional and non-directional sounds.

Enjoy improved localization and a 3D field with vertical movement and overhead dimensionality.

Hear dialogue clearly at the touch of a button

Finally, a fast and effective solution to inaudible dialogue in TV programmes and movies.

The TX-SR494 features DSP-controlled Vocal Enhancer that identifies vocal frequencies and allows you to raise or lower them to taste using keys on the remote or via the tone controls on the receiver’s front panel.

Smooth and easy Bluetooth streaming

Whatever audio is playing on your phone, tablet, or PC app can be streamed to the TX-SR494 with Bluetooth wireless technology.

Once the receiver has paired with and remembered your device, it will start playback automatically whenever it detects an incoming Bluetooth audio stream.

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