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Melitta EPOUR Chrome Filter Coffee Machine 1024-11

by Melitta
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Melitta EPOUR Chrome Filter Coffee Machine 1024-11 Ref: 6772304

Designed to reinvent filter coffee, the Melitta Epour Chrome Coffee Machine sets new standards in the preparation of filter coffee.

Offering coffee enjoyment at its best, every detail on this coffee machine is planned to perfect your filter coffee preparation.

- Alternating direction of the 360° rotating water outlet: Ensures precise and even distribution of the hot water.

- Inspired by the careful circling motions you use to make filter coffee by hand, your coffee will be dampened with water in an optimum way.

- Pre-brewing function: It is important to let your coffee bloom. After it is dampened with hot water before the start of brewing, your coffee has a short time to expand, allowing the coffee to blow slowly and the fine coffee aromas to fully develop.

- 2-8 cup capacity: The Melitta Epour Chrome Coffee Machine automatically switches between four different brewing profiles to extract the coffee optimally according to the amount being prepared. From preparing a small amount for yourself to several cups for guests, you will always enjoy the intense flavour filter coffee not matter how much you require.

- Constantly high brewing temperature of 92 to 96°C: The perfect taste of filter coffee is achieved by the hot water hitting the ground coffee with a comparatively short amount of contact time. Complete with a high-power heating element in the Melitta Epour Chrome Coffee Machine guarantees an ideal, constantly high brewing temperature of 92 to 96°C and the innovative water distribution ensures an optimum brewing time of four to six minutes.

Award winning: The Melitta 224258 EPOUR Chrome Coffee Machine was awarded the seal of the European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC) in Oslo. This label is awarded only to filter coffee machines that meet the highest quality standards for coffee preparation. Contains a transparency water tank with cup marking either side, making it easier to measure the amount of water required. The integrated keep-warm plate will keep your coffee warm effectively for up to 40 minutes, after this amount of time it will switch off automatically.

It is important to descale your coffee machine regularly to keep it working perfectly, prolong its service life and to finally provide you with the best tasting coffee. The LED limescale indicator will light up to let you know when it is time to descale your machine.

Coffee Machine dimensions: H35.7cm x W16.7cm x D35.9cm.

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