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McCulloch ROB1000 Robotic Lawn Mower upto 1000m²

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McCulloch rob R1000 robotic lawn mower cuts lawns up to 1000 meter square and can handle slopes with an incline of 25 percent.

  • McCulloch rob R1000 cuts lawns up to 1000 meter square
  • Easy to install and program
  • Fully automatic robotic lawnmower
  • Typical charging time 50 minute, typical mow time on one charge 65 minute
  • Authorised Husqvarna dealership.

Automatically cutting the grass little and often, the McCulloch robotic lawnmower is the ideal way to get a lush green lawn all year round with very little effort.

ROB is green fingered, cutting the grass little and often into small clippings, that are so fine that they quickly break down and add nutrients back into the soil, helping to create a thicker, stronger, healthier, greener lawn.

That means you never have to cut the grass again, and never have to empty a grass box either.

Easy to install

The Rob1000 robotic lawn mower is quick and easy to install.

Simply lay a boundary wire around the edges of your lawn, and any large objects to tell ROB where to cut.

The boundary wire can be pegged on top of the lawn, or below the surface to suit your personal preference.

Slopes? No Problem

This robotic lawn mower can cut the grass, even if your lawn has slopes.

It's high performance wheels and motor enable ROB to cut on slopes with inclines up to 25 per cent.

ROB knows who's boss.

The robotic lawn mower it fully programmable.

Tell him when to mow your lawn, day or night, rain or shine at a time convenient to you.

Why not tell him to cut the lawn during the week when you are at work, or during the evening when you are watching the television?

He will cut the lawn when you aren't using it, so that you can spend time doing the things you enjoy, rather than mowing the lawn.

He never complains or needs a drink, just the occasional rest at home (charging station) to recharge.

Loud Audible Alarm and Security PIN Code

1. When the robotic lawn mower is lifted, a loud audible alarms is sounded deterring thieves from stealing your robot mower.

2. The robotic lawn mower is pin code protected, the only way to turn off the alarm, or to change the robotic lawn mower's settings is by entering the correct pin code. Without this, the McCulloch robotic lawn mower will not work.

3. Each McCulloch robotic lawn mower is 'paired' with a specific charging station. This means that it won't work unless you have the correct charging station for your mower.

Where do the grass clippings go?

Because the grass is cut regularly, the grass clippings are so fine and small that they quickly breakdown back into the soil acting like natural lawn feed.

How noisy is it?

The robotic lawn mower is almost silent. You can leave him working overnight and he won't disturb the neighbours.

Is it weatherproof?

Yes. the McCulloch robotic lawn mower can work in the rain. Only during thunderstorms should the mower be disconnected to protect it from any electrical surge caused by lightening

Is it pet friendly?


The robotic lawn mower will instantly reverse if it hits any object and changes direction. The blades are positioned well under the mower, to avoid injury.

If in any doubt, you can always re-dock the machine whilst your pet is outside.

Box contains:

  • 1x McCulloch ROB1000 Robotic Lawn Mower upto 1000m²
  • 1x charging station
  • 3x metal cutting blades
  • 400x pegs
  • 200m boundary wire


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