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MasterClass 2-Stage Pull-Through Knife Sharpener

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MasterClass 2-Stage Pull-Through Knife Sharpener

  • Two-stage system sharpens and hones blades in seconds! Simply pull your knife gently through the grooves to create a perfect sharp edge
  • So quick and easy to use! Ideal for those who want sharper knives but don't want to use a whetstone or sharpening steel
  • Designed with safety in mind. Large, easy-grip handle ensures a firm hold, while non-slip base provides a solid platform
  • Save money and time by maintaining your knives! It's suitable for all straight-edged metal knives, not just MasterClass knives
  • Five year guarantee

Why Sharpen?

The fact is, sharpening and honing your knives could save you money and make life in the kitchen easier too.

This is because regular maintenance keeps your knife at its best. A good-quality, well-maintained knife should last a lifetime, and you'll save cash because you don't have to buy another when it's dull. So buying this knife sharpener could be a real money-saving investment in the long run.

And you won’t believe how much easier it is to chop, slice and dice food with a perfectly sharp knife.

Rescue your knives in seconds

This sharpening tool uses a clever two-stage system to rescue blunted knives and maintain your blades. It only takes a few seconds – simply run your knives gently through each section in turn. After a few strokes, your knife will be as good as new.

Set at the perfect angle for faultless sharpening

The first section contains coarse sharpening blades that are specially angled to create a flawlessly sharpened edge. Unlike with whetstones or sharpening steels, there’s no need to learn how to hold the knife at the correct angle. This machine does the work for you.

Crossed ceramics for final edge honing

The second section contains crossed ceramic honing blades. Ceramic is the best material for honing stainless steel knives – it helps provide the perfect edge to your blades, so your knives perform better and last longer.

Non-slip base for safety

The sharpener also features a non-slip base, which helps prevent the sharpener slipping as you draw your knives through.

Simple and comfortable to use

Master Class has made this sharpener as simple, safe and comfortable to use as possible. The large, ergonomic soft-grip handle ensures you have a strong, firm hold so you’re not straining as your sharpen

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