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London Pottery Pebble Teapot with Infuser, Stoneware, Slate Blue, 4 Cup

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London Pottery Pebble 4-Cup Teapot with Infuser (Slate Blue)

Teatimes should be calm, soothing, and most of all, relaxing.
  • Evocative design: A David Birch-designed piece, the Pebble tea pot evokes smooth, sea-softened pebbles, as soothing waves wash over them
  • Patented infuser: Its innovative design ensures this teapot with infuser leaves you with a superior-tasting, smooth loose leaf brew
  • Strikingly finished: The loose leaf teapot has a slate blue finish - with its unusual shape, this makes it a great tabletop addition
  • Hardy infuser teapots: Each Pebble teapot with infuser is made of durable stoneware and topped by a brushed stainless steel lid
  • Wonderful gift: This teapot with infusers for loose tea comes in a London Pottery gift box, making it the ideal present

With a striking shape that evokes images of smooth, sea-softened, pebble-lined beaches being gently washed by peaceful waves, London Pottery's Pebble loose teapot is the perfect partner for a renewing brew.

This slate blue teapot features a patented loose leaf filter. It allows all the flavour of your favourite loose leaf varieties to steep and infuse, but without any rogue leaves ending up in your cup. The result is a smooth and superior-tasting brew.

Its unique design is the work of renowned ceramic designer and director of London Pottery, David Birch. The infuser teapot's navy blue finish and unusual, pebble-like shape make it a wonderful addition to teatimes, and a great gift for tea lovers.

Patented tea filter

You don't have to worry about loose leaves finding their way into your cup. The Pebble teapot's patented infuser lets all the great flavours infuse, while keeping leaves or teabags locked in the infuser basket. It's removable too.

Easy-pour spout

Pouring without the spills is effortless with this infuser teapot. Its big handle and pouring spout make it great for tabletop serving when you've got guests over for a catch-up.

loose leaf teapot, infuser teapot, white teapot

Durable stoneware

This loose leaf teapot is perfect for making daily cups of tea. It's made of hardy stoneware, and features a brushed stainless steel lid. It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe. (4-cup speckled white model pictured).

loose leaf teapot in gift box

Stamp of authenticity

Like all pieces from London Pottery, this four-cup teapot with infuser features a stamp of authenticity - the company's logo printed on its base. (4-cup matte flecked light blue model in gift box pictured).


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