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Le Creuset Stainless Steel Sauteuse, 3-Ply, 28 cm

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Le Creuset Stainless Steel Sauteuse, 3-Ply, 28 cm

  • Round stainless steel sauté pan, tight-fitting moisture-retaining lid, ideal for everyday cooking
  • Wide base, 3-ply stainless steel construction with aluminium core, heats food quickly and evenly without hot spots
  • Versatile: Ideal for sautéing vegetables, searing meat and more, easily move between the hob and the oven, remove lid and use as a deep roaster
  • Easy to use and clean: Oven safe and suitable for all hob types (incl. induction), 360-degree anti-drip pouring lip, easy-handwash, dishwasher safe
  • Contents: 1x Le Creuset 3-ply stainless steel sauteuse, Material: stainless Steel, Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 13.8 cm, Weight: 2.675 kg, 96100928000000

A classic, versatile sauté pan

Le Creuset Stainless Steel Sauteuse

A must-have kitchen essential, the Le Creuset 3-ply stainless steel sauté pan is ideal for quick and light frying of vegetables and rice. Featuring an aluminium core, sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel, it allows for even heat distribution when cooking and retains heat to keep for warmer for longer. Suitable for use in the oven, under the grill and on all hob types, including induction, it is perfect for all your cooking needs. Locking in moisture and nutrients, the tight-fitting lid ensures succulent results, time after time. Ensuring practical mess-free movement of food from pan to plate, it features a 360-degree anti-drip pouring lip.

Versatile 3-ply stainless steel

The 3-layer construction of Le Creuset's 3-ply stainless steel offers fast, energy-efficient cooking evenly on medium-low temperatures with no hot spots. The durable stainless steel is easy to hand wash and dishwasher safe, while the heat-conducting aluminium core retains heat, keeping food warmer for longer.

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