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La Cafetière Seattle Drip Coffee Maker Set in Gift Box, 3 Pieces

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La Cafetière Seattle Drip Coffee Maker Set in Gift Box, 3 Pieces

  • HOMAGE TO COFFEE HERITAGE: the Seattle drip coffee maker pays tribute to America's coffee capital and a classic slow brew method
  • THE BARISTA'S BREWING CHOICE: it's *the* tool for the brewing technique that'll give you the true, clean flavour of the coffee bean
  • SLEEK MODERNITY: the simple glass carafe and textured heat resistant silicone band provide balance between style and function
  • RELAX AND ENJOY: it holds 500 ml, or 2 cups, making it ideal for the day's first hot drink, or a coffee morning catch up with a friend
  • THE COFFEE GIFT SET: share it with a coffee loving friend or loved one; includes 1 coffee jug, 1 filter and 1 silicone wrap

Real coffee lovers, like the whizz-kids at La Cafetière Seattle, swear by the pour over (or 'drip') brewing method, because it produces a brew that's true to the flavour of the bean. Explore this exceptional coffee making method at home with this smart drip coffee maker. It's a simple, robust product with a few modern touches, such as a heat resistant silicone band for easy pouring. This all adds up to a product that's more functional and more beautiful than most pour over coffee makers. It comprises a carafe, filter and silicone wrap, and comes gift boxed.

The Pour Over Method

[1] Insert the paper filter

Prepare your drip coffee filter by adding your paper filter to the plastic filter cone, then rinse with hot water for five seconds.

[2] Pour in your ground coffee

Scoop in your ground coffee. Remember the grounds need to be uniform in size. Coffee experts recommend adding 18 grams of water for every gram of coffee you use.

[3] Add the water

Pour a little bit of your water - not too much - then leave for 30 seconds. This is the bloom. Then slowly add the rest of the water, slowly spiralling out from the centre to brew.

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