Klipsch R-24F Reference Floor Standing Speakers (Pair)

by Klipsch
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Klipsch Reference R-24F floor standing speaker is a highly capable speaker, easily filling small to medium-sized spaces with unparalleled audio. The cabinet holds woofers (dual copper) and a tweeter that manages to deliver outstanding audio performance without you having to sacrifice floor space.

Tractrix Horn

These reference level floor standing speakers use Horn's (90x90 Tractrix) paired with an aluminium tweeter, for impressive high-frequency presentations with increases in imaging, extension, and overall dynamics. By the combination of the aluminium tweeters with the Tractrix horns creates the cleanest, most naturalistic sound possible.

Linear Travel Suspension

The LTS tweeter produces a highly detailed performance and the copper-spun IMG woofer ensures the low-frequency response is good with minimal distortion and cone breakup. By specifically pairing the tweeters and woofers together, the result is one of the most efficient speakers in its class.

Copper and Black

The front-firing port perfectly matches to the cabinet and drivers and is precision flared to reduce any turbulence, at the port exit, even at the lowest of low frequencies. With 5-way binding posts, the speakers allow for a maximum connection flexibility. The cabinets are finished in a brushed black veneer.

Spun Copper IMG

To minimise any potential breaking up of the cone and distortion, the woofers are constructed from Injection Moulded Graphite (IMG) since it is an exceptionally lightweight and rigid material. When the woofer is paired with a Tractrix Horn-loaded LTS tweeter, it results in a speaker efficiency the highest in its class.

Front Firing Port

The port is matched to the cabinet and woofers, and the front positioning ensures the airflow is smooth with minimal distortion. The look of the speakers is a contemporary aesthetic, which is due to the use of an MDF cabinet with a brushed veneer finish which ensures the speakers do not look out of place in your home

5-Way Binding Posts

To give the listeners the benefits of bi-wiring and bi-amping Klipsch have provided strong versatile and high-quality terminals. Plus, the grilles are acoustically transparent and removable so you can choose the look you desire.

Key Features

- Fills small to medium rooms with powerful, lifelike performances
- Dynamic aluminium Linear Travel Suspension horn-loaded tweeter
- Dual 4.5" copper-spun, high-output IMG woofers
- Brushed black polymer veneer cabinet