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Jamie Oliver Granite Pestle and Mortar - Gift Box

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Packaged in an attractive box, this pestle and mortar would make a durable and life-long gift.

  • Jamie Oliver pestle and 14 cm diameter mortar made from solid granite for style and durability
  • The ancient tool no modern kitchen should be without, made from natural granite, this pestle and mortar will perform time after time and look an elegant in any kitchen
  • The heavy weight base gives stability during use and is left un-polished on the inside to provide an ideal surface for grinding ingredients from a coarse finishes to a fine powder
  • Easy to clean, simply hand wash and leave to air dry
  • The sold granite Jamie Oliver mortar base is polished on the outside to give it a sleek appearance, the inside has been left un-polished to give an ideal surface for grinding both wet and dry ingredients.

    The pestle has been polished along the edge for comfort in the hand and left unpolished on the end to effectively grind even the toughest ingredients. This tool is an ideal for grinding spices to powders, creating curry pastes, blending together fresh pesto or even infusing oils - for salads that pack punch.

    It is easy to clean - simply hand wash and leave to air dry. This pestle and mortar will be a useful addition to any kitchen and also makes an ideal gift.

    Jamie Oliver says "For me, a pestle & mortar is one of those bits of kit I can't do without. It's the best way to crush and grind spices, and I love to use it for bashing up herbs and all sorts of flavours to makes pastes, pestos and dressings"

    Jamie Oliver Pestle and Mortar - this pestle and matching mortar is stylishly finished with a smooth exterior but has a rough grinding interior surface to make it ideal for pounding all your favourite herbs and spices.