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COVID-19 Business Update
COVID-19 Business Update

Hoover 10kg Condenser Tumble Dryer HLC10DF - White

by Hoover
Save £50.00
Original Price £249.00
Current Price £199.00

The Hoover Link HLC10LF Smart NFC 10 kg Condenser Tumble Dryer doesn't just dry your clothes, it takes great care of them.

  • Rapid 45 minute dry cycle if you're in a hurry
  • Sensor drying turns off your machine when your clothes are dry
  • Start Delay lets you delay the cycle for cheaper night time energy
  • Wool cycle softens woollens after drying
  • Use your smartphone to monitor your dryer

The dryer has some clever features, such as NFC and WiFi connectivity, which lets you use your smartphone to monitor the drying programs remotely, as well as checking if the dryer filter needs cleaning.

Simply download the Hoover Wizard app to your Android smartphone, and then pair your phone with the machine to make it work.

Rapid 45 minute dry cycle

Got some jeans you need drying in a hurry? Use the Rapid 45 drying cycle to get them dry in just 45 minutes. It's ideal for small loads, or for getting that emergency outfit ready in time.

Sensor drying

Drying your clothes for too long can do them more harm than good. The fibres in them can get damaged, and your clothes will look dull and lifeless.

Thankfully this dryer has four levels of sensor drying, which means you can set how dry you want your clothes to come out.

The machine will switch off automatically once this level of dryness has been achieved.

Start Delay

Set a time delay on your dryer, and have it start up to nine hours later. Doing so means you can have your dryer switch on while you're asleep, so you can take advantage of cheaper night time energy costs.

Wool cycle

You might be nervous about washing your favourite jumper, but the delicate wool finish cycle takes good care of your most prized woollens.