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Gardena Sileno City Smart System Starter Set Robotic Lawnmower, 500m2

by Gardena
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SKU 19200-28 Smart System Set

The all-in-one starter kit for smart lawn care and garden irrigation.

  • A comprehensive starter set for smart lawn care and garden irrigation
  • Flexible and demand-based irrigation thanks to smart Water Control and smart Sensor
  • An ideally manicured carpet of grass thanks to Gardena smart Sileno city
  • Includes smart Sileno city Robotic Lawnmower, smart Water Control, smart Sensor, smart Gateway
  • Includes: 1 x Gardena smart Sileno city, 1 x smart Water Control, 1 x smart Sensor, 1 x smart Gateway (allows all Gardena smart system products to connect securely using proven wireless technology)

The GARDENA smart system Start-Set contains all components required for perfect and fully-automatic lawn care and efficient water management in your garden.

The smart Water Control and the smart Sensor automatically control the water supply in your garden, and thus ensure the flexible irrigation of your plants according to individual requirements.

The irrigation times can be conveniently adjusted via the GARDENA smart App and aligned with the mowing times of the smart SILENO. The smart sensor tracks the soil moisture. Like this the plants only get watered if they really need it.

With its SensorCut Systems, the GARDENA smart SILENO city mows your lawn accurately and reliably and is so quiet, you can hardly hear it. You can enjoy your free time and a perfectly manicured lawn.

The smart SILENO city is suitable for small lawn areas of up to 500m². It masters inclines of up to 35% and even manages narrow corridors and tight passageways without a problem.

Ideal for small and complex lawn areas

The GARDENA SILENO city mows small and complex lawn areas completely automatically, reliably, streak-free and evenly.

It manages narrow corridors and tight passageways without a problem. The charging station can also be set up flexibly with nearly no restrictions.

It's the quietest

At 58 db(A), the SILENO city makes half as much noise when compared with models from other manufacturers. You will hardly notice it's there.


It's a better navigator

Using the CorridorCut function, your Robotic Lawnmower mows narrow passages and even dead ends down to 60 cm without any problems.

And at the end of a dead-end path the mowing robot automatically turns around and mows back.

It's all weather

Your SILENO city is your personal helper in the garden who will do his job in all weathers.

Whether uphill or downhill, in the rain or in the sun - your lawn will always be beautifully mowed.

Quick and easy installed

A programming assistant will help you with installing your SILENO city.

Input your lawn size and preferred mowing times in the intuitive menu and it will calculate the mowing plan accordingly to which the SILENO city operates.

Complex calculations and programming are not required.

Of course, the mowing plan can be modified or adjusted when necessary.

SensorControl – keeping an eye out for you

The SILENO city models are also equipped with the SensorControl function:

The intelligent cutting system automatically adjusts the mowing time based on grass growth.

Spot Cutting: You spin me right round!

The spot cutting feature, a spiral mowing function, makes the SILENO city ideal for hard-to-reach areas such as under trampolines or garden furniture — doing the hard work for you!

Very cool

The clever frost sensor detects temperatures close to the freezing point and suspends the mowing plan to protect your lawn.

Easy cleaning

The GARDENA SILENO city has been constructed so that simple spraying with the garden hose thoroughly frees housing, blades and wheels of dirt, dust and residual grass.

Safe and sound

The boundary wire determines the mowing area flexibly and yet reliably – ensuring that the Robotic Lawnmower only mows the areas specified.

Highly sensitive collision sensors ensure that the Robotic Lawnmower is not stopped by garden obstacles.

When the tool is lifted, another set of sensors make the blades stop immediately, thus preventing injuries.

Technical Specifications

  • Article No. 19200-28
    EAN-Code: 4078500046626


  • Working area capacity 500 m² 
  • Charging system Automatic
  • Maximum incline inside working area 25 %


  • Information panel: Medium LCD display
  • Timer Yes
  • Handle type Integrated

Power and charging

  • Battery type Lithium Ion
  • Typical charging time 60 min
  • Typical mow time on one charge 65 min
  • Mean energy consumption at maximum use 7 kWh

Motor and cutting system

  • Cutting system 3 pivoting razor blades
  • Cutting Height, min-max 20-50 mm
  • Cutting width 16 cm
  • Sound level Guaranteed 58 dB(A)

Safety and security features

  • Alarm Yes
  • PIN code Yes
  • Lift sensor Yes
  • Tilt sensor Yes