Cole & Mason Self-Watering Triple Potted Herb Keeper, Triple

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SKU H105349

The Cole & Mason Self-watering Triple Potted Herb Keeper, is an attractive and highly functional tool for giving longer life to your fresh herbs.

This fuss free plan pot does not require you replant, simply insert a hydro felt pad under the retaining arm and place your potted herb in the container.

Fill with water through the spout and check regularly to refill as the plant will absorb water through the pads. This potted herb keeper ensures less water evaporation as the vessel is covered. Enjoy fresh herbs for longer in your everyday cooking.

  • Hydro-Felt Pad to allow herbs to draw water as desired
  • Pads can be rinsed with clean water
  • Estimate 3 month duration per pad - 12 pads included
  • Suitable for 3 pots (round or square) up to 85mm diameter pot (base)
  • L 135mm W 365mm H 132mm
  • No need to re-pot

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