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Cole & Mason Fresh Herb Range Cut Herb Keeper

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The Cole & Mason Fresh Cut Herb Keeper will keep your cut herbs up to 10 days longer.

  • Fresh herbs last up to 10 days longer
  • Clear upper and lid to see the fresh herbs, fits easily in most refrigerator doors
  • Air vents in the lid help the herbs to breathe
  • Includes three removable dividers to store different quantity and varieties of herb

Fresh herbs are great both as a flavouring and a garnish for a wide range of dishes, for example; salads, ice creams, fish, vegetables, meat, sauces, pasta and baking.

Fresh herbs have purity of flavour and take every day dishes to another level.

However, fresh herbs purchased in the supermarket whether cut or potted, have short shelf lives and often go to waste or die before they have been used.

The new range of potted and cut herb keepers by Cole & Mason extend the life of fresh herbs, ensuring you get more use and enjoyment from them in your cooking.

Cut Herb Keeper

The Cole & Mason Cut Herb Keeper will keep herbs for up to 10 days longer than when stored in shop bought packaging.

Complete with 3 dividers to store multiple types of herbs, the cut herb keeper features a slide and close lid which prevents herbs getting knocked and damaged when in the fridge.

Narrow enough to fit in the fridge door, it also has a fill indicator at the front to aid refilling.