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COVID-19 Business Update
COVID-19 Business Update

Bosch TAT5P445GB DesignLine 4 Slice Toaster in ANTHRACITE 2 Year Warranty

by Bosch
Sold out

Enjoy the beauty of performance. Modern design combining a high level of convenience with easy handling.

Save time and enjoy breakfast together. Thanks to the 4 toaster slots, several slices of toast can be prepared at the same time.

Even roasting with automatic bread centering

For a variety of toast preferences. Both toasting chambers can be independently operated and set to different toasting levels.

Save time thanks to the 4-slice toaster.

Save time in the morning thanks to the 4 toaster slots, as several slices of toast can now be prepared at the same time. Enjoy breakfast together with your loved ones, stress free.

The perfect toast is waiting just for you.

Sometimes you have this picture in your head – of an absolutely evenly toasted piece of golden brown bread. And then the result is not as expected. When you own a toaster with automatic centring, it gives you exactly the toast you want. The bread is automatically centred and ensures even toasting.

Toasting chambers can be operated separately for more flexibility.

Everyone likes their toast different. Some like it toasted softer, and some more well-done. That's why both toasting chambers can be operated independently from each other. This means that everyone gets their toast just how they like it