Beurer MG70 Infared Massager

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The infrared massager with its penetrating tapping massage helps you feel relaxed.

  • Deep penetrating massage for relaxation and regeneration
  • Versatile application thanks to removable handle and two interchangeable massage attachments
  • Continously adjustable intensity via control
  • Infrared heat to help relax tight muscles improve circulation and for pain relief
  • Power consumption: 20 W

he MG70 offers a deep and penetrating massage for relaxation and rejuvenation. You can use the device with or without the handle.There are two interchangeable attachments – one soft attachment and one nub attachment – allowing you to tailor the massage to your individual needs.

The speed can also be adjusted using the control and the infrared heat can be switched on to intensify the massage if desired.

Application areas

The application areas of the massager are the back, along the spine and all of the legs. The massager is guided to the area of the body to be massaged using one or both hands for a penetrating tapping massage.

You may be sitting, standing or lying down during the massage and you can use the device to massage yourself or another person

2 interchangeable massage attachments (soft attachment, nub attachment)

Massage intensity 
Continuously adjustable

Infrared light 
For use with colds and muscle tension

Tapping massage 
With powerful and rhythmic tapping movements, this massage penetrates the deeper layers of muscle to help create a feeling of deep relaxation

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