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Beurer IL21 Infared Heat Lamp

by Beurer
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Colds and muscle tension can be relieved by using the infrared lamp.

  • Powerful infrared lamp to relieve muscle aches or common colds
  • Soothing warmth helps reduce pain, increases blood circulation
  • Medically certified grade II product
  • Adjustable inclination, five settings
  • 150 W pressed glass infrared bulb

A popular form of treatment with physiotherapist, infrared heat lamps can ease muscle tension, joint stiffness, pain and increase your overall range of movement by increased circulation.

The pleasant warmth of the IL21 infrared lamp from Beurer can also provide soothing relief from symptoms of a cold as it reduces inflammation in the nasal passages and clears clogged mucous.

What are the benefits?

Infrared light therapy has an endless list of benefits. By increasing blood flow to the radiated area it can:

  • Speed the healing of wounds and injuries to the body
  • Improve or restore range of motion by reducing inflammation and pain
  • Build collagen to reduce wrinkles
  • Speed the healing of blemishes, like acne and rosacea
  • Fade scars and stretch marks
  • Prevent hair loss and stimulates regrowth
  • Treat a growing list of skin conditions

Better still it is 100% natural, drug and chemical free, non-invasive and safe for all skin types.

5 tilt positions

The adjustable lampshade with five tilt positions allows you to adjust the position of treatment for your comfort during application.

Medical device

The infrared lamp is a medical device for therapeutic relief.

150 watts

The energy-efficientinfrared lamp works at just 150 watts.

Tips for use

Close your eyes and relax – it’s that easy.

And with a maximum treatment time of just 12 minutes, there’s always time to improve your health and wellbeing.