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Beurer IH55 Portable Nebuliser

by Beurer
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This versatile, portable mesh nebuliser gives you the freedom to nebulise when you are out and about.

  • Targeted relief for a vast range of respiratory diseases and ailments in the upper and lower airways
  • Self-cleaning and suitable for sterilisation - one device can be used by the whole family
  • Suitable for prescribed, counter-bought and homemade remedies
  • Battery or mains operated for your convenience
  • Silent when in operation, take it with you anywhere

Are you suffering from refractory asthma, bronchitis, or emphysema? Have you been prescribed oral medication yet find yourself wondering if this is the best remedy for you?

Perhaps it’s time for a new approach and direct action to help your respiratory system and improve your health, with the ground-breaking Beurer IH55 Nebuliser. Using advanced vibrating diaphragm technology, the Beurer IH55 targets the source of your respiratory issues directly through the inhalation of prescribed, counter-bought or homemade medicines..

A Changing Environment, A Time For Medicinal Change

As our environment becomes more polluted with harmful substances such as infectious agents, toxins, and allergenic and carcinogenic substances, our respiratory system has more and more work to do to clear and protect our mucous membranes. Respiratory diseases are now among the most common diseases, ranging from a short-lasting cold to severe chronic illnesses such as emphysema, bronchitis and refractory asthma. People are now looking for alternatives to more traditional therapies - such as tablets that hit the stomach and have to be broken down and passed through the blood stream before they can start to work – and the Beurer IH55 Nebuliser is becoming a very popular choice for people around the globe.

Hygiene Matters

With its self-cleaning function and suitability for sterilisation, this product can be used by the whole family. It comes complete with adult and child attachments so you can ensure your little ones are cared for in the case of a common cold or childhood asthma, or elder relatives who may be suffering from serious, even life-threatening conditions can get targeted relief for their respiratory ailments.

No Plug, No Problem

This handy device can be operated using both mains supply or batteries, meaning you can take it anywhere, for use anytime. The Beurer IH55 Nebuliser operates silently, so is discreet and suitable for any environment you may be in.

Vibrating Diaphragm Technology

So, what separates the Beurer IH55 from a traditional steam bath? The device uses vibrations to produce tiny active particles, which due to their size can penetrate deep into the respiratory tract and mucous membranes for fast, effective and highly noticeable results.

Vibrating diaphragm technology means the respiratory organs can receive more than 0.25 ml per min of medication. This instant, targeted treatment means traditional tablets or injections are no match for the Beurer IH55 Nebuliser, it also makes it a perfect remedy for children who often struggle to take tablets, and are often wary of needles.

Can be rotated by 45°

Adapter included in delivery

High nebulisation performance 
For a shorter inhalation time

An adult mask is included as an accessory

A children’s mask is included as an accessory

A mouthpiece is included as an accessory

With self-cleaning function

Vibrating membrane technology 
The nebuliser uses a sophisticated vibrating membrane to atomise the medication. This vibrating membrane is partially porous and becomes permeable to the smallest medicine particles when it vibrates.