Beurer HK35 Electric Heating Pad

by Beurer
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 The heat pad has a fast heating function, meaning that you can quickly get nice and warm, even on cold days.

  • Turbo heating Beurer HK35 Therapeutic Heating Pad
  • Delivers targeted pain relief to tired, aching muscles with 3 heat settings
  • Therapy for arthritis, tension, period pain and more
  • Your own personal heating system for long cold days
  • Turbo heating function for faster heating time

Heating pads are a safe, cosy and perfect replacement for hot water bottles, eliminating the mess, leaks and hassle of having to start again when the water quickly goes cold.

The Beurer HK35 Therapeutic Heating Pad delivers soothing heat that can help ease pain and relax muscles; cuddle your Therapeutic Heating Pad if you suffer from stomach aches or abdominal cramps; place behind your back as you sit or lay to ease back ache; place on your knees, neck and shoulders to ease stiffness or symptoms of arthritis; or simply cuddle your heating pad to stay warm and cosy.

Controllable temperature

A Beurer heat pad offers you a wonderful range of practical and indulgent features with all make for an enjoyable and relaxing experience you will simply want to repeat over and over again. Its easy operation and built in features put it a cut above the rest. The heat pad also allows you greater temperature control than a traditional hot water bottle, with less intense heat, and of course, no chance of scolding! This heat pad has 3 heat settings including:

  • Setting 1: 50-55˚C
  • Setting 2: 60-65˚C
  • Setting 3: 70-75˚C

It’s the heat the Beurer HK35 delivers that is so effective for pain relief as it promotes healthy circulation to deliver oxygen to the muscles. With turbo heating power and a choice of 3 temperature settings, the Therapeutic Heating Pad is so versatile and great for the whole family to use. The Beurer HK35 Heating Pad has a cable that is 65cm from the heat mat to the controller, the cable then measures 160cm from the controller to the wall socket.

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