Beurer FB20 Foot Spa / Bath with Pedicure Attachments

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Relaxed and pampered feet, the foot bath with pedicure application and soothing massage with infrared light field is the ideal companion for relaxation.

  • Soothing infrared light field to boost circulation and stimulate the reflex zones
  • 3 interchangeable pedicure attachments, with practical hanger, for soft silky feet
  • Vibration massage, bubble massage and dry massage. Power in Watt approximately 120
  • 4 removable roller attachments for foot reflex zone massage
  • Removable splash protection, cord winder

Give your feet a treat with the FB20 footspa from Beurer. The four functions of water temperature control, vibration massage, bubble massage and dry massage offer pure relaxation for stressed feet. Infrared light spots are also integrated to provide soothing heat and the three interchangeable pedicure attachments care for your soles and heels leaving them silky soft.

Lastly, for easy storage the cord winds into the device.

Simply Float Away

The FB20 provides sheer relaxation for weary tired feet. Leave everyday life behind and enjoy the unique feeling of well-being that a refreshing footspa with integrated massage functions offers. You can also use the products in places other than the bathroom- the attachable splash protection keeps the water where it should be.

3 interchangeable massage attachments (nub attachment, round attachment, cylinder-shaped attachment)

Bubble massage 
The product is equipped to perform a revitalising bubble massage.

Foot reflex zone massage 
Circulation-boosting foot reflex zone massage to boost your well-being

Infrared light 
For use with colds and muscle tension

Gentle vibration massage 
The product allows you to pamper yourself with a gentle vibration massage


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