Beurer EM39 2in1 Toning Belt For Abdominal & Lower Back

by Beurer
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The abdominal and back muscle belt accompanies training of the central abdominal muscles and the lower back muscles and is also used for regeneration. The waist circumference is flexibly adjustable.

  • Powerful 2-in-1 EMS toning belt that targets both your abdominal and back muscles simultaneously
  • Intense ab workout together with a back strengthening to improve core, prevent back pain and tone stomach
  • Improves core muscle strength and tones in the privacy of your own home, for men or women
  • Features 4 wear-free contact skin electrode pads requiring no gel or replacement
  • 5 pre-set programmes with varying intensity to ensure your muscles are correctly worked

Ab belts, we have all seen them and you probably think that they are a bit of a gimmick but thats not true. Now we aren’t saying that they will work miracles, you won’t have a six pack after using it for the first time. However, there are positive benefits to be gained from using an ab belt. Ab toning belts seek to directly exercise the abdominal muscles like you have never exercised them before.

Using EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) the belt pulses an electrical stimulation directly onto your abdominal muscles through wires attached to rubber electrode pads that lay against your skin and activate a muscle contraction, mimicking a workout. EMS is widely used within sports medicine, rehabilitation and physiotherapy to build and repair damaged muscle, or to prevent muscles deteriorating after an injury. One team of researchers at a Brussels University examined the effects of EMS on the stimulation of muscle fibres. They found that EMS does have a benefit to the generation of muscular force, as well as improving muscle contractions demonstrating that an ab belt is a beneficial addition alongside other training methods to improve overall efficiency of muscular contraction and the mind-muscle connection so that you can have more intense and effective workouts.

Electrode placement

You may now be wondering what the point to having electrodes on the back, it’s not as it anyone dreams of a flat and toned lower back. We are told we need to work our core but many people think that just means our abs, it isn’t, it’s the whole mid-region, including our lower back. A healthy body need to be balanced and strong all over especially in the core, if not it can further injuries such back pain as the weaker muscles are put under too much stress. The Beurer EM39 ensures that this never happens. As well as strengthening your abdominals it strengthens your lower back too so that you have a solid and strong core. A strong core has a positive effect on the any other exercise that you do as it gives you the strong foundations to build from.

An ab and back toning belt isn’t just for those looking to get their summer body. EMS is ideal to help aid recovery from injuries. To work the muscles as much as the Beurer EM39 through conventional exercise could put a lot of stress and strain on the surrounding muscles and joints which can lead to further injury. Using this belt directly exercises the core muscles in isolation which allows the rest of the body to rest and recover. A strong core can lead to a better posture, reduced back pain and prevent further injuries.

Fitting waist size from approximately 75cm (29 inches) to 130cm (51 inches) this ab belt is fully adjustable to ensure you always have a proper fit. As you begin to see the results from using the belt your waist may become smaller. The belt must be worn tight, you need to have a good connection with the electrodes, if not and it isn't tight enough you will get a nipping feeling which means the electrode pads don't have the connectivity with the muscles required and will affect the efficiency of the workout.

 No need to replace fiddly, stick electrode pads

The Beurer EM39 Abdominal and Back Muscle Stimulation Belt features 4 wear-free skin contact electrodes that have been specifically placed to sit directly onto top of the muscles to give you the best workout possible. Made from a highly conductive carbon material that doesn’t require any costly gels to work, simply moisten with water and you are ready to go so this EMS belt is ready to go as soon as you take it out the box.


 The Beurer EM39 has 5 training programmes specifically designed to give the core muscles a full and thorough workout whilst giving your muscles sufficient time to adapt to more intensive training. The workouts vary in frequency, period of pulses and the rest between each pulse and range from 22-31 minutes, enough time to do some of that housework you have been putting off. The EM39 also allows you to adjust the intensity of each programme so it is suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to highly trained athletes.

Whether you are looking to get tight and toned abs so that you look great by the pool or recovering from an injury and looking to rehab your body you can be assured that the German quality Beurer EM39 Abdominal and Back Muscle Stimulation Belt will give you the workout you want and need.


4 contact electrodes 
4 wear-free contact electrodes made of conductive carbon material

5 training programs 
5 pre-programmed applications

Adjustable intensity 
Intensity can be flexibly adjusted to suit the user's needs

Countdown timer 
Displays the remaining time

EMS technology 
Electrical muscle stimulation for muscle training and regeneration

Safe application 
Integrated safety switch-off

Waist circumference 
Suitable for a waist circumference of 75-130 cm


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