Our Story

In short, Iain and I spent our 20's working various roles in the consumer electronics and retail industry.

From the peaks of 06/07 to the pits of the post-recession economy we witnessed first hand the changing landscape developing before us.

Like most 20 somethings we had a clear idea of what was wrong with the retail world and what we could do to fix it given the opportunity. 

So in 2016 we put our skin in the game and quit our jobs. With an iPhone, a contacts book and two young families to support... we set out to build the company that we always wanted to work for, trade with and buy from.

To dare is to do.

Our small wins to date have been built upon three simple ideas...

Curated products that we know you'll love...

Our buying team may spend weeks and months carefully researching and reviewing new brands and products before we are confident of recommending them.

Our curated approach is designed to reject 99 out of 100 products to ensure only the most innovative and best value for money products remain. 

Everyone's a VIP...

You'll receive all our benefits up front including free delivery and free returns. You’ll be treated like a rockstar whether it's your first purchase or your 10th.

No subscriptions. No tiers. 

We own our problems...

We cherish every single sale and celebrate every five star review. However, on the odd occasion we screw up.

If something goes awry, our team will take ownership, double down and put things right. 

It's not about going the extra mile it's about going the distance. 

Thanks for reading and please feel free to email/call me directly with any questions or suggestions.

Managing Director